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Jul 7

Nifty Fifty: My #Diabetes50 Project on Twitter

Nifty Fifty: My #Diabetes50 Project on TwitterLaura Kolodjeski


During my time working in the diabetes space, I’ve come across a lot of facts, figures, tips, and tricks that have helped me understand diabetes (though I still have so much to learn). What I have realized is that this is a disease like no other: the number of people impacted is enormous, the dedication of empowered patients is nothing short of amazing, and everyone seems to have a perspective on how to improve the lives of people living with diabetes.

What’s really remarkable is that most of these perspectives are simple, but can be transformative. These life lessons may not be big enough for their own book, or even their own blog post, but they are profound enough to change how we approach things.

Over time, I’ve pulled together quite a list of diabetes nuggets, that – starting with the American Diabetes Association’s annual meeting – I began tweeting some. I realized that I had so many, so I culled them down to a list of 50 snippets (each of them perfect for a tweet), threw on the hashtag #Diabetes50, and started posting. When I finally came to my 50th tweet, I knew I wanted to share some details from that effort with you.

First of all, I was heartened to see that some of the tweets struck a real chord. Members of the DOC were kind enough to retweet their favorites, including a call for more educators, the importance of a support network, and the importance of thinking about moderation – not restriction – in dietary choices.

Of course, diabetes can’t be described in a 140-character tweet, or even in 50 140-character tweets, and I have no doubt that there are so many more pearls of wisdom out there. If you’ve seen my tweets, please join in with some of your own. What’s your diabetes wisdom, your tweetable nugget? Please share – again, with the #Diabetes50 hashtag – so we can build a resource of tiny things that can make a big difference.

All the best,  Laura

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