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Sep 21

Diabetes Help Team: A Go-To Resource

Diabetes Help Team: A Go To Resource Laura Kolodjeski

Diabetes Help Team: A Go To Resource Kathy Beach

In August, I shared some background on what Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) are and what they do. These talented individuals are vital to the diabetes world and are some of my favorite people. I also shared some of the interesting discussion that took place at their annual AADE conference. Given Sanofi US has a team of CDEs, I wanted to have my colleague, who manages the team, share more about what they do in her own words. It’s my pleasure to have Kathy Beach write for Discuss Diabetes today.

Laura, first, thanks for the opportunity to share on the Discuss Diabetes blog. I know you’ve talked plenty about CDEs and what they do, but I appreciate the chance to focus on our CDE HELP Team. I’m lucky enough to manage this team of diabetes educators who are able to help people living with diabetes and provide answers to many of their questions.

We have a team of over 80 CDEs that provides general diabetes education. One way we are able to serve the diabetes community is through webinars conducted by the CDE HELP Team at no charge to participants. These webinars, facilitated live by our CDEs around the country, are offered at various times throughout the week and offer tutorials and information on a variety of topics, like “Making Healthy Choices,” “The ABC’s of Diabetes” and “Managing Diabetes With Your Healthcare Team.”

One of my favorite webinars is “Making Healthy Choices,” because it focuses on healthy eating and getting active – hallmarks of any healthy lifestyle. The CDE leads participants in a guide to analyzing nutrition labels and provides important information about hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. We have seen that many people have questions on these topics, so it’s important to have experts available to answer their questions.

Our CDE HELP Team also provides webinars for nursing home staff to help them better understand the needs of their residents with diabetes. These webinars are a little different than the ones designed for the general public, but are still led by our CDE HELP Team – they just tend to be a little more intensive and are geared specifically toward the nursing home setting.

While CDEs are very busy as a whole, these educators tend to be an underused resource as part of a comprehensive diabetes health care team. I know from experience, and from statistics, that there isn’t as much awareness of CDEs as we think there should be among people living with diabetes. I urge people living with diabetes, as well as their caregivers, to utilize our team by attending a free webinar where you can find information and ask questions that are important to you. Knowledge is power – the more knowledgeable people are about diabetes, the better equipped they will be to address their condition.

Thanks to Kathy for taking time out of her busy schedule to share about the CDE HELP Team. Have you had experience with a CDE or the CDE HELP Team? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

All the best,

Laura K.


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