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Dec 14

Diabetes Awareness Month 2011 – By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Diabetes Awareness Month 2011 – By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]Laura Kolodjeski

To say that I was energized by diabetes awareness month would be an understatement. Many of you in the diabetes community were clearly busy supporting events and initiatives, which also helped to serve as motivation for the folks here at Sanofi US as well!

We all anticipate diabetes awareness month to be busy, but it’s amazing to actually see the abundance of support. This November, we witnessed participation from those living with diabetes, those in the field of diabetes, as well as the general public – all showing their support for the awareness initiative! Hundreds of monuments and buildings were lit blue, flash mobs took over 51 cities, and blue apparel was donned by many.

Diabetes Awareness Month 2011 – By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

And, as we recently shared, World Diabetes Day at Sanofi US was a smashing success too!

Suffice it to say, lots of people are doing their part to make November a month where diabetes can’t be overlooked – as evidenced by the infographic we created. Just click to enlarge the image which offers context behind just how active everyone was – both online and off. You can also print it out as a nice reminder of just how much influence we have on one another and the world around us. Consider it a standing ovation, of sorts, as your words and actions are quite impressive.

Now, what’s really on my mind is how all of this wonderful momentum can be harnessed each and every month throughout the year. While November is an amazing time of passion, effort and a whole lot of blue, what should the collective “we” do to carry this momentum throughout the year? Maybe it’s as simple as continuing to wear blue on Fridays. Maybe it’s doing more to educate those around us on diabetes and diabetes initiatives. It could be thousands of things, from small to big. I’d love to hear your ideas on pushing November’s momentum into 2012 and throughout the year.

All the best,

Laura K.

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