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Nov 14

WDD: Sanofi US Supports Diabetes Camps

WDD: Sanofi US Supports Diabetes CampsLaura Kolodjeski

WDD: Sanofi US Supports Diabetes CampsSiham Erragh

It’s World Diabetes Day (WDD)! I know many of you are wearing blue and participating in advocacy events throughout the day and we’re doing the same here in Bridgewater, NJ at the Sanofi US headquarters.

I’ll be sure to post information around the WDD activities we have going on here in the coming weeks, but today I want to share the efforts of our Corporate Social Responsibility team and the impact they made this year as it relates to diabetes camps. Siham Erragh, PharmD, MBA, Sr. Marketing Manager, US Diabetes, is a part of this initiative and she is excited to provide more details about the success of the program.WDD: Sanofi US Supports Diabetes Camps

Siham: Thanks for the introduction Laura! The Sanofi US Supports Diabetes Education program was launched in 2011 as a partnership between Sanofi North America Corporate Social Responsibility and the Diabetes Division.

I’m excited to share that in 2012 the program donated more than $2.5 million in product, serving more than 18,500 campers at more than 80 camps throughout the U.S. While I could personally share more details, I think it’s best said by the camp administrators and volunteers themselves through some inspiring notes they have sent to us, shared below:

The Center for Courageous Kids – Kentucky
Roger R. Murtie, President and Executive Director
“Your donation has allowed children that cannot attend more traditional camps an opportunity to fish, swim, ride a horse, perform on stage, and most importantly, make new friends facing similar challenges.”

Camp Kno-Koma (Diabetes Camp of West Virginia) – West Virginia
Wanda Marks, President
“The Diabetes Camp of West Virginia could not have been a success without your product…The volunteers from your West Virginia Sales Representatives Group were phenomenal. They were a tremendous help for the camp staff as well as the campers.”

Camp Nejeda – New Jersey
Philip De Rea, Executive Director
“Diabetes camps provide a unique and irreplaceable hands on learning opportunity for children trying to master the complex skill set associated with their disease. I do not exaggerate at all when I tell you we could not do it without your support.”

Camp Hickory Hill  Missouri
Faith Rasch, Sanofi US Volunteer
“I have to say how impressed I am with all of the kids at this camp. They look forward to this all year and you can see how much fun they are having. Watching them during mealtime was fascinating. There are scales on each table and there are blackboards with carb counts all around the lunchroom. They were laughing, having fun, talking, measuring, counting carbs, bolusing their insulin, all without batting an eye.”

WDD: Sanofi US Supports Diabetes Camps

Sanofi US volunteers Traci Lohr, Jamie Spoor and Michelle Patton at ADA Camp Carolina Trails

Camp Ko Man She – Ohio
Debra Henderson, MBA, RD, LD and Sanofi US Volunteer
“Generally the medical team, which is one physician and one nurse per cabin plus a dietitian and two dietetic technicians for the camp, is staffed by volunteers from Dayton Children’s Hospital. Children’s Hospital is discontinuing this program so they were going to be unable to have a dietitian at camp, and therefore, no camp. Sanofi was quite generous to allow me to spend July 15-18, 2012 physically present onsite during the camp to supervise the meals, snacks and carbohydrate counts for 80 children plus the staff.”

ADA Camp John Warvel – Indiana
Shirley Sitzman, Sanofi US Volunteer
“The staff worked incredibly hard to take care of the children. For example, they would take shifts and check the children’s sugars at midnight (provided milk if needed) and at 3 a.m. (provided graham crackers and peanut butter) and would re-check. You could tell that the medical staff (made up of college students that are pharmacy and pre-med majors) shared a passion for helping the children with their diabetes. These camp counselors’ knowledge was truly impressive!!”

I loved reading these letters! It’s so gratifying to work for a company that’s truly making a difference in people’s lives. A sincere thank you to everyone who volunteers at diabetes camps each year and special thanks to everyone who shared their experiences in this post.

All the best,

Laura K.

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