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Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to Discuss Diabetes! The purpose behind this blog is to create a place where members of our Sanofi US team may engage with those living with or impacted by diabetes. Through storytelling, Discuss Diabetes offers information, tools and resources designed to serve the needs of the diabetes online community. We hope this engagement will evolve our understanding of life with the disease and lead to new opportunities for us to develop offerings that may make the day-to-day management of diabetes easier.

We see Discuss Diabetes™ as a stepping stone to our participation with the diabetes community. We look forward to your feedback and engagement.

About Laura K.

About UsLaura Kolodjeski

My name is Laura Kolodjeski, the Digital Inline Community Manager for Sanofi US Diabetes. As a community manager, I spend the majority of my time actively connecting with, listening to and learning from people living with and impacted by diabetes.

I joined Sanofi US, in January 2009, within a team dedicated to innovating the way we do business. In keeping with my passion to drive change, I moved into this newly created role within U.S. Diabetes Patient Solutions in August of 2010. Why? Because I believe in the powerful vision Sanofi has for the Diabetes Division and the people we serve.

I want to be transparent about the fact that I do not have diabetes nor has anyone in my immediate family been diagnosed. And, while this may limit my ability to fully understand what it’s like to live with the condition, I am listening, learning, and further educating my colleagues on what I hear from each of you.

I’m a Southern California native and a graduate of San Diego State University. I moved to New York City in 1995 after falling in love with its energy while on a brief visit. I now reside in New Jersey with my husband and daughter, the lights of my life. I spend all my free time with them, our friends, and my online relationships of course.

About Sanofi US

Discuss Diabetes™ is presented by Sanofi US, a leader in the discovery and development of innovative diabetes products, as part of our commitment to help improve the lives of people with diabetes. Sanofi US, based in Bridgewater, NJ, is part of Sanofi, a leading global pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and distributes therapeutic solutions to help improve the lives of patients.

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Discuss Diabetes™ Commenting

Blogging isn’t easy for a healthcare company. We want to engage and participate in the community and share useful information, and we comply with applicable laws and regulations. As such, we want you to understand some of our ground rules:

1) All comments will be previewed before posting. Please don’t let this deter you from commenting, but understand there is a review process. While some messages may not be posted, we are still listening and encourage you to continue sharing.

2) If you comment about an individual health issue or a particular issue with one of our treatments, we may need to contact you directly. Again, don’t let this deter you from commenting, but you may receive an email and possibly a follow up phone call.

We know our blog operates a little differently from others you may visit, and we thank you in advance for understanding our ground rules. We’re truly excited to have this opportunity to engage with you.