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Dr. Danielle Ofri, primary care physician and author of “What Doctors Feel,” offers some insight into doctor-patient connection.

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Sep 9

Walter Wolfe: A Champion’s Tale

A1C Champion Walter Wolfe takes us through what it is like to be selected, as an A1C Champion as well as his first experience presenting.

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Sep 4

Take Your own Cape and fly

Have your superhero cape ready as writer Sia Figiel shares her inspiring story of transformation, including losing 100 pounds and training for a triathlon as part of the CNN® Fit Nation.

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Aug 28

Changing Habits: A Work in Progress

In this Throwback Thursday post, we touch base with d-dad Bennet Dunlap for an update on his kids and some poignant insights about his own health.

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Heading back to school? We got you covered. Here’s a round-up of tips for kids and their parents – from grade school to college.

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Aug 11

Riding on the Open Road

Wind. Sun. Freedom. That’s what many find on the open road. Lester Johnson shares his view from the driver’s seat as he rides with type 2 diabetes.

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To bake or not to bake? That’s not a question for baker and blogger Peggy Meckling. We dive into the tantalizing world of food where living with type 2 diabetes may not mean you can’t have your diabetes-friendly cake and eat it too!

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Jul 31

Keeping Pace with
Missy Foy

When we last talked with Missy Foy, we heard about her journey to compete in the global arena as a marathon runner. Now she’s back with an update on her doctorate, running coaching and diabetes advocacy.

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Jul 21

Dance to the Beat of Diabetes Support

Whether disco, hip-hop or salsa, CDE® Theresa Garnero has a beat you can dance to in the Dance Out Diabetes program. Read how this grassroots initiative is helping people get active, learn about diabetes and have fun.

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Jul 17

Growing Diabetes Support in the Garden

Certified Professional Horticulturist and garden coach Robin Haglund learned new plants to grow and new ways to prepare homegrown foods when her husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Read about their journey and why Robin thinks all gardeners actually have “black thumbs.”

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